Jobs Picking and Packing in Leicester

Jobs for picking and packing in Leicester can be found in some of the areas largest warehouses, with varying salaries depending on the employer and job contract. Generally, picking and packing positions relate to obtaining the correct amount of stock for an order and packaging it correctly for delivery, but other duties may be performed, such as:

  • Counting stock. Full checks are normally done by all warehouse staff on a yearly or quarterly basis to ensure all stock is accounted for.
  • Cleaning duties, particularly in large warehouses where floors may easily become dirty. Cleaning duties are not priority in most cases unless the work load is unusually low.
  • Quality control, or ensuring all stock sent out is checked for discrepancies/faults before being packed by the picker.
  • Processing returns by counting, ordering and checking to ensure the stock is fit to go back into storage for another customer.
  • Checking off new deliveries into the warehouse and counting all new stock to ensure invoices/delivery notes are correct, or checking outgoing stock to ensure all previous checks and order counting methods were carried out correctly by other members of the them.

Jobs for picking and packing in Leicester vary in salary, but many pay around £6.50 per hour on average for basic roles. Some positions can pay up to £10 per hour, especially if the work is with dangerous substances or the work requires more attention to detail.


Warehouses in Leicester

Below are a list of warehouses which may have jobs in picking and packing in Leicester:

Dina Interational

Prashanti House, Sussex Street, Leicester, LE5 3BF (0116 251 0990)


Faircharm Trading Estate

Evelyn Drive, Leicester, LE3 2BV (0121 523 2929)


C.S. Ellis (Group)

Units 73a - 75, The Whittle Estate, Cambridge Road, Leicester, LE8 6LH (01780 720133)


Bean Global Distribution

Bruce Way, Leicester, LE8 6HP (0116 265 9500)


Laura Ashley

Interlink Way South, Bardon Business Park, Coalville, LE67 1PG (01530 5160200)


Eddie Stobart

Reg's Way, Coalville, LE67 1ND (01530 256500)

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