New Jobs In Pets at Home Kilner Way, Sheffield

Those of you looking for work in Sheffield take heed. There are jobs going in Pets at Home on Kilner Way. A new store has opened and as a result there are a host of openings right now.

Pets at Home are looking for everything from Dog groomers to store managers. You are going to have to act quick I imagine these positions will be quickly filled in this economic climate.

The Salon Management job offers a salary of £17,000 a year which will  go to a person with previous management experience and a decent knowledge of the pet industry. There is also an opening for Assistant Manager which will earn you a tasty 15,000 per year and be great experience for your CV.

Training can be provided for the stylists positions available but experiences applicants are preffered so if you have any experience in the pet industry what so ever I am sure it will work greatly to your advantage.

The stylist position is offering up to £7.30 an hour which is a very competitive wage for this kind of job. For the dedicated dog groomer position you will earn a salary of 18,000 per year. Obviously you will need to have a lot of experience in grooming before you can get your hands on this though.

Pets at Home is a fast growing company with stores opening across the country at the moment whatever position you apply for you can be sure that this will be a good place to advance your career.


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