Looking for an idea for jobs part time work in South Dublin?

Are you based in the bustling suburbs of South Dublin and looking for some ideas for a possible new job? This area is rich in employment opportunities and hasn't experienced the same recessionary drawbacks as other parts of the country. In this blog, we are going to present a few ideas for where to look for jobs part time work in South Dublin, so let's take a look at what's out there!

The first thing a lot of people will notice is the extensive opportunities that are open for a job in retail in South Dublin thanks to the presence of two of Ireland's largest shopping centres, The Square in Tallaght, and the Dundrum Town Centre. Of the two, we think Dundrum is the best for job openings as it is by far the busier centre, with more stores that seem to be thriving. You can check out the website at dundrum.ie. The site even helpfully has a section dedicated to jobs, so you can browse their openings without leaving your couch! Handy eh?

We are massive fans of Paddy Power here, and their headquarters in Tallaght seems to be constantly expanding, meaning more and more roles are opening up. The full extent of these available positions can be seen on their site at workwithpaddy.com. Paddy Power has a wide range of roles available in their head office, so it's well worth checking out where your skill set may fit in.

For a wide ranging overview of the part time roles available in the South Dublin area, we recommend checking out Ireland's part-time job site at parttimejobs.ie. Right now, to give an example, they have a whopping 175 part time positions being advertised in Dublin alone, so get your CV brushed up and grab a new job for yourself!


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