Find jobs for a part time van driver

Jobs for a part time van driver can vary greatly. In many cases it will be expected that the driver himself is in possession of his own van, while other positions may provide a vehicle. It is however important that the van driver be fully licensed and insured to drive a commercial van. If the driver is using his own van for the job, the vehicle must be fully taxed and insured also.

The courier company DHL offers jobs for a part time van driver at a number of locations throughout the UK. These positions are described as Same Day Self Employed Contract Courier jobs. As the van driver is classed as self employed, DHL stress that there are flexible working patterns available. They state that the primary working hours of their subcontracted couriers is between 8am and 6pm, but drivers are not obligated to be available for this entire period. With DHL the option exists for part time van drivers to work as little or as much as they choose, depending on their contract.

Other jobs for a part time van driver can be found with removal companies. The majority of removal companies make use of vans during their daily operations and many may be looking for part time staff. Additionally there are a number of incidental advertisements for independent van drivers, where an individual or group wishes to hire the services of a van driver for a one-off job.

If you are interested in the jobs for a part time van driver a number of job listings can be found at freeindex.co.uk/jobs, including positions with DHL.

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