We offer some tips in finding jobs part time in the Trafford Centre

With more than two hundred individual stores and around sixty restaurants all packed inside the stunning Trafford Centre in Manchester, it's no surprise to learn that it's one of the best places to go to find yourself a job in the Greater Manchester Area. Despite the fact that it's getting harder and harder to find work these days, the part time work force still retains the same level of high staff turnover as ever, so with a little patience and lots of perseverance you'll be able to find yourself something suitable sooner rather than later.

Not only will you be able to find jobs part time in the Trafford Centre by calling into each of the stores that you would like to work in, but you'll also be able to call in to the excellent Job Centre located within the Centre. It opens between 10am and 7pm Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm on Saturday and 10am to 5pm on Sunday, so be sure to pop in and check out some of the job opportunities posted there, or speak to one of their highly trained advisors.

Don't just limit yourself to point of sales retail work when applying for a job, there is far more going on behind the scenes at a busy shopping centre like the Trafford Centre than you might realise. With so many huge stores, there's bound to be a role that is ideal for you, whether it's working in a warehouse, creating intricate in-store displays, working as a store greeter, manning the phone lines in a support capacity, satisfying the IT needs of a company or the entire centre, management positions, accountancy roles, even positions as chef or waiter/waitress in the many restaurants.

Check out more on the official Trafford Centre website at traffordcentre.co.uk today!

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