Jobs for part time workers at Tesco in London

Many of the jobs for part time workers at Tesco in London are available within the Tesco stores themselves. There are five different Tesco store formats, all of which have slightly different staff requirements. However many of the positions on offer are for replenishment staff and customer assistants.

The customer assistant and replenishment roles in Tesco are categorised as either night or daytime positions. Some Tesco stores are open twenty four hours a day, and almost all of the stores are open quite late into the night. Therefore there is little difference between the job descriptions for the night and daytime roles.

Those who obtain replenishment or customer assistant jobs on a part time basis at Tesco in London or elsewhere in the UK are required to restock products on the shelves within the stores. It is important that all products be stacked in an orderly fashion, and that every shelf be clean and presentable at all times. Replenishment staff and customer assistants will usually have to answer customer queries also, and help them to locate certain products on the shelves. Those who are employed by Tesco as replenishment staff must also assist warehouse employees with their deliveries and ensure that the aisles of the supermarket are clean and free from obstruction.

Other jobs for part time worker at Tesco in London include positions for security officers, pharmacy staff or restaurant employees. These roles may be offered on a seasonal, part time or full time basis. Training is generally provided for positions with Tesco and there is a clear career progression structure. It is possible for staff to progress to management positions by availing of additional training. Further information about careers with Tesco can be found at tesco-careers.com.

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