Find jobs part time in Wigan today

In a large town like Wigan, there are always opportunities for job seekers to avail of. Jobs part time in Wigan can be found in an array of industries and everybody is welcome to apply for many of them.

The retail industry is an excellent source of part time jobs in Wigan. The best thing about searching for employment in the retail industry is you don't need anything in terms of qualifications or experience to successfully apply for a job. The only disadvantage is most part time staff in retail earn the minimum wage, but this is the case for many part time jobs.

There are numerous shopping centres in Wigan that are worth investigating for part time job opportunities. Wigan Market Hall in New Market Hall, Galleries Shopping Centre on Market Street and Ta Centre on Canal Street are packed with stores offering part time hours.

Hospitality is another area that is worth looking into for part time jobs in Wigan. Hotels, restaurants, bars and pubs are always on the lookout for part time staff and, like the retail industry, it's very easy to get a start. Wages are also similar to the retail industry. Most part time staff in the hospitality industry earn the minimum wage. Keep a close eye on local newspapers and radio stations for part time vacancies in the area.

And there are always opportunities for part time workers in the admin industry. Business parks are a great place to look for admin roles and you should research the companies in places like Sovereign Business Park in Kings Cross Court, Wigan.

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