How to find jobs part time in Uttoxeter

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Jobs part time in Uttoxeter come from a variety of sources. Traditionally the economy evolved around agriculture and farming, and was well known for its butter and cheese products. Dairy farms continue to provide seasonal and part time work in the area.

The historic and scenic landscape is a magnet for tourists. Part time jobs are available as tour guides at historical locations and as escorts on walking, cycling and fishing activities.

Britain's largest amusement and theme park, the Alton Towers Resort, is located just outside Uttoxeter. The park welcomes millions of visitors annually and offers an abundance of part time jobs.

The town's racetrack, the Uttoxeter Racecourse, is another attraction for pundits and tourists. The track hosts the Midlands Grand National and needs part time workers to cater for the influx of customers.

The construction, demolition and agricultural equipment company JCB has a factory in Uttoxeter. After moving its operations to a site on the edge of town, plans have been lodged for a multi-million pounds redevelopement of the old factory.

Such a redevelopement has been undertaken in the town centre. This has resulted in the emergence of an exciting retail commercial sector which is providing a large number of part time jobs.

The town is also home to Uttoxeter University and like any institute of education, it needs the support of part time employees to ensure the smooth running of operations.

Uttoxeter may not be a big city but there is plenty going on. Jobs part time in Uttoxeter need to be filled across a broad range of businesses.

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