We take a look at jobs part time in Swansea

Are you on the job hunt in Swansea and finding a succession of closed doors barring your way to getting the job you seek? Why not try and get your foot in the door with a company by taking on a part time role first? In this blog, we check out your options for finding jobs part time in Swansea.

While it lags behind Cardiff in size, Swansea punches way above its weight in the jobs market, with some brilliant openings available at all times for the right candidates. Some people may not even consider it, but Swansea's Job Centre is the perfect place to start your search for a part-time position, and you can check out their vacancies at jobcentrejobvacancies.org.uk. The job centre site is a perfect tool to help you find a job as it contains info and advice on touching up your CV as well as for applying for jobs.

Another place for you to check for a part-time position is the site of Swansea's civil service at swansea.gov.uk/jobs. You may not think it, but the civil service is a hotbed of part-time positions as savings on wages are always trying to be made, so they tend to employ a lot of part-time staff over full-timers. No matter what your speciality, they will likely have an opening for you to explore. They are well worth a look.

A final site that is well worth checking out for another look at jobs in Wales is the Jobs Wales site at jobswales.co.uk. This site contains links to just jobs in Wales, so with a little refinement of your search to just include Swansea, you should be able to find what you are looking for.


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