Find jobs part time in Southend on Sea, Essex

Finding a part time job may be quite tricky as unemployment figures are increasing, so there's more competition involved. However there are still many part time jobs available, you just need to make sure that you keep looking and do not give up! Here are just a few examples of some of the latest jobs that are part time in Southend on Sea, Essex:

Part time Receptionist- There are many offices in Southend on Sea as well as many hotels, and they all need to have a receptionist at the front desk to welcome and meet the customers. There are a number of part time receptionist jobs available. If you have good communication skills and customer service skills, then this is the job for you! Check out who's hiring in Southend now.

Part time Bar Staff- With the many local restaurants, pubs and night clubs in Southend, there are many part time bar staff vacancies giving you flexible hours with a good salary. You may have to be over a certain age to work in some of these places (usually 18 or 21) and previous experience is always a bonus.

Part time Telemarketing- Throughout Southend there are many telemarketing opportunities. If you are confident with talking over the phone and have a great sales technique, then this is the job for you! There is often a good salary plus commission if you do well and reach those sales targets.

Part Time Administrators- There are a great deal of vacancies for part time administrators in Southend. If you are computer literate and are comfortable with many of the computer software such as Microsoft Word and Excel, then why not check out who is hiring in this particular field.

So why not start looking for jobs that are part time in Southend on Sea, Essex and start earning that extra cash now! Good luck!

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