Where to look for jobs part time in Skegness

Jobs on a part time basis in Skegness are easily obtainable as it is a thriving seaside town. Within the town centre itself, the amusements and parks along the sea front may advertise particularly during the summer months for part time staff to operate kiosks, or supervise rides. The seal sanctuary also located on the sea front may also advertise for a variety of jobs which can be undertaken on a part time basis. In terms of retail and catering, there are numerous locations throughout the town whereby jobs can be sought including local restaurants, the amusements and the nearby Fantasy Island theme park. Consult their respective websites, make a telephone call or send an email to ascertain whether there are any suitable vacancies.

About a five minute bus ride outside of Skegness is the largely popular Butlins resort and a plethora of jobs which are part time can be sought from the holiday village. Butlins regularly advertise through their website vacancies such as team members, customer service representatives, cleaning operatives, shop and restaurant staff, nursery nurses, technicians, gardeners, sales staff and entertainment technicians.

One of the main areas where Butlins advertise jobs part time is through their welcome team. Each week, on Mondays and Fridays members of the welcome team provide information and advice to new guests, check them in and direct them to accommodation. This is an ideal opportunity if you like working with people and are seeking jobs on a part time basis within the vicinity of Skegness. Enquire with the resort if they are currently recruiting for any staff.

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