Find Jobs for Part Time Workers in Sittingbourne

Numerous opportunities exist for jobs with part time hours in Sittingbourne. Located in Kent, England, in close proximity to London, Sittingbourne has a thriving workforce, comprised of many office based businesses in addition to retail establishments.

Many of Sittingbourne's residents commute on a daily basis to London. An annual national rail season ticket costs in the region of £3,500 per year - just under £10 per day - and the cost for a coach service is approximately £8 per day. However, even using the new "bullet" fast train, the journey from Sittingbourne to London St. Pancras takes about an hour one-way, which may be an unrealistic option for most part time workers, depending on their schedule.

Fortunately for workers seeking jobs with part time hours in Sittingbourne, positions can be found in a variety of industries. Part time hours are an option in both administrative fields as well as retail, and job opportunities can be found for candidates who have little to no experience as well as applicants with significant work histories.

Sittingbourne's largest local employer is DSSmith Paper. The company is the UK's largest paper manufacturer and both its head office and largest paper mill are located in a suburb of Sittingbourne. The company employs approximately 1,700 employees - including many with part time hours - in various disciplines. Because the head office is located in Sittingbourne, various administrative opportunities exist, with a career path for the right candidate. DSSmith Paper accepts CVs on an ongoing basis year round at Careers Service, DS Smith Paper Ltd, Head Office, Kemsley Mill, Sittingbourne, Kent.

In addition to the numerous retail establishments offering jobs for part time workers in Sittingbourne, part time jobs can also be found at Sittingbourne's greyhound racing track or Mecca Bingo in Sittingbourne. More information can be found by contacting the establishment directly.

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