Find jobs part time in Salisbury today

If you've been searching for jobs part time in Salisbury without much success, then we recommend you take another look at the retail industry. Many people write off working in this sector due to the fact that it may not necessarily fit in with where they saw themselves at this point in their lives when they were younger. However you need to keep in mind that we are still in the grips of a recession, and people need to do whatever they can in order to get by these days - even if that means working a minimum wage job in the retail industry.

Since the retail sector is the biggest employer of part time staff in the Salisbury area, it makes sense that those of you looking for a few hours a week should focus on it. The majority of positions found in this sector will pay between £5.93 and £6.15 per hour, which isn't much, although you'll also be able to work your way up towards a managerial position on weekends on in the evening if you can prove yourself to be a valuable and responsible employee.

As with any sector, there are some companies that are more enjoyable to work for than others, and when it comes to Salisbury, this tends to be the franchises found in the supermarket side of the retail industry. Not only are these companies respected brands across the United Kingdom, but they have built a reputation for treating their staff well and offering plenty of different career advancement opportunities.

We recommend you take a look at the following supermarkets in the Salisbury area as soon as possible;

  • Sainsburys, 33 The Maltings
  • Tesco, 21-25 Castle Street
  • Waitrose, Churchill Way Weest
  • Iceland, 33-35 Castle Street

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