Looking for jobs part time in Royal Tunbridge Wells?

Royal Tunbridge Wells is one of England's most historic areas. The area was highly fashionable in Georgian times and was believed to have health-giving properties. The aristocracy came to the town - typically from London - to take a rejuvenating dip in the springs, and numerous bath houses were established for this reason.

Today, Royal Tunbridge Wells still attracts approximately 4.5 million tourists each year, who bring almost £200 million to the region. Most tourism industry jobs are part time, and those in Royal Tunbridge Wells are no exception. Numerous job opportunities exist in the various retail and restaurant industries.

One of the top places to find jobs with part time hours is in the Royal Tunbridge Wells extensive retail industry. Retail is typically an area with a high percentage of part time workers and there is no shortage of retail opportunities in Royal Tunbridge Wells. Shopping in the area is a mixture of speciality shops - such as antique stores - and newer shopping centres. Royal Victoria Place is an award-winning shopping centre, containing over 100 big name high street stores, and offering late night shopping one night a week. Many part time positions can be found to cover the late night shopping hours on Thursdays as well as weekend shifts and half-time work.

Jobseekers looking for part time work can also seek opportunities in the restaurant industry. Nearly 250 restaurants, cafes and coffee shops serving food exist in the town, and restaurant jobs seeking part time workers in Royal Tunbridge Wells are often advertised. Many restaurants in the area do not belong to a chain or have a website, so instead of expecting a job advertisement jobseekers may find opportunities by visiting the restaurants in person to indicate interest in part time positions.

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