Looking for part time job? Find jobs part time in Preston Lancashire

If you have been looking for jobs that are part time in Preston Lancashire, why not join reed.co.uk?

Reed is most certainly one of the most popular online recruitment websites on the internet. Reed provides you with the latest and most informative job vacancies. The website is updated everyday, making sure that you see the latest opportunities. Not only this, as soon as you register with Reed and upload a CV, you will be asked to fill out short profile. As soon as this is complete, you will receive emails on a regular basis, providing you with the many job vacancies that match your search criteria.

If online websites aren't your thing then why not try your local newspaper - there are always lots of local job vacancies being advertised. Or you may want to call in to a local shop to have a chat with the manager. You might be surprised by how many managers are actually willing to talk about any current job vacancies - plus they will be impressed that you took the time to call in.

There are many choices when looking for a part time job in Preston. You may want to try the retail stores such as Tescos, Sainsburys and Asda. They usually require you to either hand in a CV or they will tell you to apply online. Small newsagents may also be recruiting, so you could always pop in there and have a chat with the owner. Local restaurants often require staff, whether it may be working behind the bar or in the kitchen.

If you are unsure that you have a good enough CV and cover letter, why not go into the Job Centre? They are always happy to give advice on your CV, plus they are good about giving tips on job interviews.

We hope this helps you with your hunt for part time jobs in Preston Lancashire!

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