We look for the best sites offering jobs part time in North Tyneside

Despite the fact that the recession has hit the North East hard, there are still plenty of jobs part time in North Tyneside to be found if you know where to look. For many people, finding part time work can be a frustrating experience. They simply enter a simple Google search and click the first result, usually one of the big name employment web sites, but find that the majority of listings are for full time work only. Anything that is listed for part time tends to have been filled a long time ago too, thanks to the huge number of people applying for these jobs due to the popularity of the websites.

If you want the best chance of success you have two options. The first is to prepare your CV, print off multiple copies and spend a few days dropping them off to places you think you would be suitable for in your local area. The most important thing we can suggest when doing this is to always ensure you speak to either a member of HR or the business manager when leaving your CV.

While the sales assistant might well tell you that they'll ensure it gets to them, that is not always the case. Plus it is always a big bonus to be able to impress your personality upon the people who will ultimately be doing the hiring.

The second option involves finding local oriented job sites like mynortheastjobs.co.uk. Because of the fact that these sites focus on local positions, you are much more likely to find part time job listings on them than on the bigger sites - and you'll face much less competition too!

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