We look for jobs part time in North Lincolnshire with B and Q

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B and Q is the biggest home improvement retailer in the UK and one of Europe's largest. With shops situated all over the UK, they may have available jobs part time in North Lincolnshire.

To work with B&Q in any department you will need exceptional customer service skills. They pride themselves on the level of service they provide their customers with. Finding part time jobs with B&Q can be done online. Just log onto their website, DIY.com and scroll down to the bottom of the page until you find the careers section. When you click this you are in the recruitment section of their website. Here you can find out all about the company values, the people they require and all available vacancies are also advertised.

When looking at the current vacancies you can choose from a wide range of stores jobs. Stores jobs are available all through the year in different locations. With 330 stores in the UK and several in the North Lincolnshire area you can be assured that new staff are required on a regular basis. Some of the positions you will find for jobs in store include:

  • Customer Advisor
  • Store Management Team
  • Showroom Sales Assistant

These part time positions will require you to work some evenings and most weekends. B and Q offer all their staff some very competitive company discounts and other great rewards. To find out about the latest jobs part time in North Lincolnshire with B and Q, simply log onto DIY.com.

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