Make your search for jobs part time in Lanarkshire a lot easier

If you have been looking for jobs part time in Lanarkshire without much success, then it's very possible that you need to adjust your approach in order to take into consideration all the latest information about finding work in your local area. While many people jump straight into the job search, those who have the most success tend to be the ones who are willing to put in a little extra effort in order to prepare correctly.

The first thing you need to do before starting your search for jobs part time in Lanarkshire is to ensure that your CV ticks all the right boxes. You can find detailed guides and great advice on how to make your CV sparkle over at cvwriting.net. On top of that, you'll also be able to get the full lowdown on one of the most underused parts of the application process by British people, the cover letter.

Once that's all sorted out, we recommend that you search for jobs in person, rather than relying on the various only job search websites to do the job for you. By taking this approach you'll be able to meet with the people who will potentially hire you, so you become more than just a name on an application form, which should give you improved changes when it comes to the selection process.

Finally, we recommend that you focus your attention on the Lanarkshire retail sector since that's where the vast majority of part time jobs in the area come from. If you need a helping hand in terms of deciding which retailers to look at, we recommend you check out the following list;

  • Asda, Palace Grounds Road, Hamilton
  • Morrisons, 5 New Park Street, Hamilton
  • Iceland, 18 Brandon Street, Hamilton
  • Iceland, 69 Brandon Parade, Motherwell
  • Asda, Watson Street, Motherwell
  • Tesco, 430 Main Street, Wishaw

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