Looking for jobs part time in Kettering?

If you're not familiar with finding part time jobs in the current job market then it's probably not particularly surprising that you are struggling to find a position that suits your skills and abilities right now. Don't worry though, because we'll be able to point you in all the right directions so that you can find a job that's right up your street in no time at all.

When searching for jobs part time in Kettering it's very important to keep in mind that the vast majority or part time jobs in the United Kingdom are never posted online, which means you're going to have to find an alternative method of hunting these positions down.

We recommend you set aside a few days in order to put on a nice sharp suit and head on down to the major retail hot spots in the Kettering area in order to enquire about vacancies and hand in CVs where applicable. One thing about this approach is to ensure that you never give your CV to a regular member of staff working behind the till. If it is at all possible, ensure you hand it directly to the manager or someone involved in the hiring process in order to give yourself the best possible chance of being successful in your search.

The jobs that you'll find in the part time retail industry in Kettering are most likely to be cashier positions, where you'll earn £5.93 per hour for serving all the store's customers and facilitating in any necessary cash, debit card and credit card transactions.

To speed up your search we have recommended some of the most popular retail centres in the Kettering region;

  • Newlands Shopping Centre, Gold Stret
  • Sainsburys, 1-3 Rockingham Place
  • Iceland, 27 Newland Street
  • Tesco, Carina Road
  • Londis, 45 Argyll Street
  • Co-Op, 60 Stamford Road

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