We look for jobs part time at supermarkets in Guildford

As one of the major employers of part time staff in the Guildford area, the retail sector should be the first port of call for anyone who is searching for jobs part time at supermarkets in Guildford. Not only does the retail sector have more variety than most industries, but it offers the kind of flexible working hours that you have always wanted.

Working in a major supermarket chain is an awful lot more enjoyable than you might think at first. You'll get to deal with the public on a daily basis, which is ideal for anyone with an outgoing personality, and you'll also get to work as part of a tight knit team who are always looking out for each other.

While the money may not be the best in the world, with entry level positions stacking shelves or working as a cashier usually paying somewhere in the region of £5.93, the fact that the work can be so varied coupled with the fact that the majority of supermarket chains prefer to promote from within means that you'll most likely love your job once you get settled in.

Finding these part time supermarket positions is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is call into your nearest supermarket and ask at the customer service desk whether or not there are any vacancies. If there are, you'll be invited to apply straight away, while if there aren't we recommend you simply head off to the next supermarket and try again another time.

To help with your search, we have compiled a list of the major supermarkets in the Guildford area;

  • Sainsburys, 148-150 High Street
  • Tesco, Ashenden Road
  • Sainsburys, Clay Lane

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