The best places to find jobs part time in Gosport

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The south coast of England is home to a busy little town called Gosport, and the summer months sees a population of nearly 100,000 people. Finding jobs part time in Gosport can be tricky but with the right guidance shouldn't be too difficult.

Gosport is a town with many business sectors but the most prominent are that of manufacturing, marine and retail. Finding part time jobs in these sectors require different tactics.

Manufacturing positions are most likely to be found advertised in local newspapers such as The Daily Echo. Local radio stations and local recruitment agencies also have these jobs advertised on a regular basis. If you would prefer, you could simply get in touch with some of the bigger companies and enquire about their current vacancies. Try companies such as GarrettCom Europe, Magnet Trade or Airport Precision Ltd. Recruitment campaigns can be on-going in a lot of these bigger companies.

Finding retail jobs involves a lot more patience! Due to the high costs associated with advertising jobs, many retail positions won't be advertised at all. The best way to find these jobs is to simply call into a few shops with your most up to date CV and a smile. The retail sector has high labour wastage meaning that people leave their jobs frequently. This frees up more positions and hopefully you call in at the right time!

To find the most recent jobs part time in Gosport you could also check out some recruitment websites. Try one of the following:

  • Totaljobs.com
  • Jobisjob.co.uk
  • Indeed.co.uk

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