We can bring an end to your search for jobs part time in Gloucester

If you have been searching for work for what seems like forever, with no end in sight for your job search, then we recommend you take a long hard look at this article, as we will be uncovering some of the secrets to speeding up your search for jobs part time in Gloucester.

You need to be focussing on the major employers in the area, which means a strong look towards the retail sector in Gloucester. Like the majority of the rest of the United Kingdom, the retail sector represents your best possible chance of finding work in the Gloucester area, so those of you looking for work as quickly as possible need to make it your main target.

Even if you've never worked in retail before, you should still be able to find a position in the retail sector in Gloucester. However, before you start looking it's important to make sure you tick all the right boxes. Since you'll be dealing with customers on a daily basis it's very important that you have a friendly and helpful personality, as well as a desire to work hard and learn as quickly as possible.

Since the most common positions are working as a sales assistant, you can expect to make around £5.93 per hour for your time, although by focussing your attention on the supermarkets in the area, you should be able to work your way through the ranks quite quickly, towards the position of a weekend or evening shift manager.

We recommend taking a look at the following supermarkets in the Gloucester area to make your job search as pain free as possible;

  • Asda, Bruton Way
  • Tesco, Saint Oswalds Road
  • Sainsburys, 63-69 Northdate Street
  • Iceland, 34-38 The Oxebode
  • Sainsburys, Rowan House, Barnett Way


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