We can save you time in your search for jobs part time in Fareham

We know that it's very easy simply to turn on your computer and sit in front of it for hours on end searching for jobs part time in Fareham, however it's highly unlikely that this approach is going to yeild results for you. With so many people using the major internet job sites each and every day it's no surprise that it can be almost impossible to find work with this method any more.

Instead, you're much better off enquiring about vacancies and applying for jobs in person. Not only does it add a personal touch to proceedings, but it also enables you to meet the people who will be hiring you first hand and impress your personality upon them. This can be essential in making you more than just a name on an application form to them.

However deciding just where you're going to apply to can be tough at first. With a little research though, you'll discover that the vast majority of part time jobs in Fareham are to be found within the retail sector, so your main focus should be the shopping centres and supermarkets in your local area.

If you are looking for more hours than you'd normally get in a part time job, we recommend you look more closely at the positions available for the various supermarkets in the area due to the fact that they traditionally have longer opening hours than regular retail outlets.

To help with your search, we have compiled a list of all the major retail spots in the Fareham area;

  • Fareham Shopping Centre, 28 Thackery Mall
  • Market Quay Shopping Centre, West Street
  • Sainsburys, Broadcut
  • Somerfield, 39-41 West Street
  • Iceland, 38 West Street

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