Looking for jobs part time in Ellesmere Port?

If you have decided to forego the search for a full time for the time being, and instead take a look at what's on offer from jobs part time in Ellesmere Port, then you'll be fortunate enough to be missing out on some of the most highly competitive times the British job market has ever seen.

Thing certainly haven't been helped by the ongoing financial problems still being felt by many companies across the country, however there part time job market has still been relatively unaffected; which is obviously good news for you. The bad news is that you'd want to get your skates on, since things are really going to start to heat up in terms of competition in the part time market soon.

Your best chance of finding work will come from within the retail sector, given that Ellesmere Port's biggest employers of part time staff are some of the major supermarkets in the area. If you are unsure whether you would suit working in retail, then we can offer you some advice.

If you enjoy working with the general public and appreciate the skills involved in interacting with customers on a daily basis, then retail is definitely for you. If not, you could always look at some of the shelf stacking jobs in your local supermarkets. Both positions pay around £5.93 per hour.

We recommend you check out the following Ellesmere Port supermarkets to give yourself the best chance of finding work;

  • Asda, Grange Road
  • Sainsburys, Kinsey Road
  • Iceland, 2 Marina Walk
  • Costcutter, 243 Whitby Road

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