Wondering where to find jobs part time in Dursley?

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Dursley is a wonderful little market town located in Gloucestershire. With just over 10,000 people living here, finding jobs part time in Dursley can be slightly easier than in the other larger towns nearby.

When looking for jobs in Dursley, it is a wiser decision to simply call around to the local shops and drop them in a CV. As most of the shops in this village are smaller independent outlets, there is little chance of finding these jobs advertised online. You could keep an eye on the Dursley Gazette which has job vacancies advertised in the area.

Dursley has several nursing homes in the area. Part time jobs can sometimes be found when they require staff for evening shifts and weekends. There are several positions to be filled in a nursing home. Some jobs you might expect to find include staff nurse or general care assistant. Most jobs in a nursing home require certain skills, but you can find out everything you need to know about working in a nursing home at nursinghomes.co.uk.

If you have a flair for customer service, why not try one of the supermarkets? They often have available jobs part time in Dursley. Cashiers, sales assistants and stock assistants are required, especially around bust periods such as Christmas or the summer. Sainsburys, Lidl, Iceland and Co-op all have a home in Dursley. These positions often require little or no experience.

So next time you are passing through, keep an eye out for jobs part time in Dursley.

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