Where to find jobs part time in Cork

Cork is the Republic of Ireland's second largest city and, in that respect, a smashing place to find part time jobs. If you're looking for jobs part time in Cork, there are so many ways to find a good one, it shouldn't take you that long.

Hit the Retail Areas - Cork has one of the largest retail areas in Ireland, and it's getting bigger every year. Finding part time jobs is far easier in retail than in almost any other industry, and with so many shops and shopping centres, you'll be spoilt for choice.

Take CVs to Mahon Point Shopping Centre, head to Cork's main shopping street, St. Patrick's Street and go from shop to shop, and department stores like Dunnes.

corkjobs.ie - One of the best websites to begin your part time jobs in Cork search at is corkjobs.ie. Here, you'll find lots of jobs in bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants, jobs for pre-school assistants, care assistants, sales clerks, admin assistants, even some construction and security guard jobs.

retailjobs.ie - If you'd like to work in retail part time in Cork, then this website is where you'll find the most listings.

Jobs are listed in order of the date they were posted and cover all over Cork as well as further afield. You'll find sales, cashier, admin, marketing, and even unique jobs like mystery shoppers. Just click on the jobs that interest you, and follow the directions for applying online.

peoplesrepublicofcork.com - People's Republic of Cork is a website similar to Craigs List where people looking for part time and full time employees post job ads.

The cool thing about this site too is you can post your own ad stating you are looking for jobs part time in Cork and the types of jobs you'd consider. It's free to post and you never know what great opportunities may come your way.

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