How to find jobs part time in Bolton

Bolton in the north west of England is a large town and thus a wonderful place if you're looking for a part time job. Jobs part time in Bolton can be found at places like Crompton Place Shopping Centre, the Bolton Steam Museum, Warburtons, Watson Steel Structures and various other places around town. You just have to know how to find them.

theboltonnews.co.uk/jobs - Start your job search for a part time job at The Bolton News newspaper website. Job vacancies are updated daily, and with several hundred listed around Bolton and the immediate area, you should easily find something interesting.

Look at jobs for teaching assistants, sales assistants, sales and marketing jobs, care assistant positions, cooks, bar staff, restaurant workers, pre school assistants, and more. You'll find part time jobs for weekday and weekend work.

jobsearch.monster.co.uk - Monster is a massive compilation of part time jobs from companies all over Bolton. Creche assistants, distribution agents, customer sales advisors, receptionists, part time call centre agents, HR managers and many other listings. Register, upload your CV and start applying for jobs.

bolton.nhs.uk/your-career/job_vacancies/current-listing.asp - If you're in the medical field, NHS Bolton has a range of part time jobs, both for general vacancies and for internal candidates.

University of Bolton - If you're a current student at University of Bolton, their website can help you find a part time job in town.

But, even if you're not a current or past student at the university, their website has a page of excellent job search links and a wonderful guide about finding part-time jobs, which also includes links to recruitment agencies, companies and job search sites. bolton.ac.uk/Careers/CurrentStudents/Lookingforwork/Parttimework.aspx.

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