Find jobs part time in Blackburn with the Lancashire Telegraph

If you're currently out of work, whether you've been made redundant in the recent spate of layoffs created by the global recession, have been out on disability or have simply been down on your luck for the past few months, you'll be able to find plenty of jobs part time in Blackburn with the Lancashire Telegraph jobs section.

It will also come in quite handy for any students out there wishing to find some part time work in order to pay for their living expenses throughout the school year (and by living expenses we clearly mean nights out with your friends, but we won't tell anyone that!), or anyone simply looking for another income source.

Part time jobs can be tough to find on regular job sites, since many employers don't really see the point in spending big money on expensive job postings when they could very easily fill their positions by using free alternatives such as local newspapers like the Lancashire Telegraph, or by putting up help wanted notices within their stores.

With hundreds of job postings in a wide range of industries including construction, industrial, logistics, accounting, human resources, social workers, management positions, teachers, service coordinators, shop assistants, shop supervisors, day services supervisors, physiotherapy and much, much more on offer from the easy to navigate website, you're bound to find exactly what you're looking for at lancashiretelegraph.co.uk today.

To make the site even more helpful, they also offer a wide range of articles advising you on how best to write up your CV, as well as hints on how to make it as effective and engaging as possible without unnecessarily padding it or filling it with exaggerations and half truths.

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