Find jobs part time in Blackburn today

Blackburn is a large town with a number of employment opportunities for part time work. Jobs part time in Blackburn can be found in an array of industries, but the majority of the vacancies are predominantly found in the retail and hospitality sectors.

Part time jobs in retail and hospitality in Blackburn are perfect for students, parents and anyone else new to the workforce because they don't require applicants to have a high level of qualifications or experience. Most people in these type of jobs start off on the minimum wage, however this can be improved on over time, if you remain with the same company.

The best way of securing part time jobs in Blackburn is by contacting businesses directly for work. And you're well and truly spoilt for choice in the town.

The Mall Shopping Centre in Blackburn has over 100 stores under one roof and is an excellent place to begin your search. The Mall's website has a section for job vacancies and is worth keeping a close eye on as there's always part time vacancies in the various stores being added to the list.

If you're getting restless waiting for the right vacancy to come along, head into the centre of Blackburn where you'll find over 400 shops with plenty of potential job openings.

The options for part time hospitality jobs in Blackburn are equally immense. The Bear Hotel, Hill View Hotel and The Fernhurst Hotel are just three of the establishments in the area that employ large numbers of part time staff. You can find a full list of hotels, restaurants, bars and pubs in Blackburn in the Yellow Pages.

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