We look for ways to speed up the search for jobs part time in Basildon

Finding work in the United Kingdom today isn't quite as straightforward as it used to be, particularly for anyone who has been out of work for a while and is searching for a full time position. So perhaps it's no surprise that the interest in the part time job market is growing more intense with each passing day.

With so many people out of work and unable to find full time positions, it seems that the next logical step is to find a part time role in order to keep themselves ticking over financially while they wait for a full time position to raise its head.

So if you're looking for jobs part time in Basildon, you should be aware that you're going to face a lot more competition than you may be used to. At least you will if you use the online job sites to find vacancies. We actually recommend that you avoid them due to the levels of competition.

Instead, we suggest that you get out there yourself and try to find vacancies, particularly in the retail sector, that haven't been advertised online. Whether or not you have worked in the retail sector before, your personality will play a huge role in your employment potential in the industry.

Successful retail employees tend to be outgoing and easy to approach, and that is reflected by the fact that they are able to find much easier in the field. On average, a part time entry level customer service rep in the retail industry can expect to make £5.93 per hour - a little more if they have much experience.

The best way for you to find jobs part time in Basildon is to check out your local supermarkets. To make things easier for you, we have listed some of the major ones below;

  • Asda, Eastgate Shopping Centre
  • Iceland, 13-21 Market Pavement
  • Tesco, Mayflower Retail Park
  • Co-Op, 1-3 The Butneys
  • Sainsburys, Cricketers Retail Park

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