Looking for jobs part time in Barnstaple?

We know that finding work is something that you'd much rather not be concerned with but if, like many people in the United Kingdom in the last few years, you have found yourself out of a job recently, then you're going to need to put up with the search until you prove to be successful.

Fortunately there are a number of things that you can do to increase your chances of finding a jobs part time in Barnstaple. Firstly, we recommend that you take a look towards the retail sector in the area since it is the biggest employer of part time staff. With so many potential job opportunities it represents your best chance of coming away with a job in short order.

However it's not going to just be a case of picking a store and deciding you want to work there. You're going to need to carefully approach the search in order to ensure that you fit all the required criteria and that you aren't wasting your time.

The best source of work within the retail sector comes from the various supermarkets in the Barnstaple area. With many of the major UK chains to be found in the region, you should call into your local one to enquire about the availability of entry level part time positions. These roles, usually working as a cashier or stacking shelves, pay between £5.93 and £6.00 per hour, depending on the company you are working for.

To give you the best chance of finding work quickly, we recommend you check out the following supermarkets;

  • Tesco, Rose Lane
  • Costcutter, 18 Forches Avenue
  • BB Stores, 18 Newport Road
  • Iceland, 58 High Street
  • Sainsburys, Gratton Way, Tawstock
  • Londis, 53 Newport Road

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