We look for jobs part time with Hilton at Syon Park

You may not know this, but the Waldorf Astoria Hotel located in Syon Park is actually owned, operated and run by the Hilton chain of hotels. Despite the best efforts of Paris, the Hilton family name is still most famously known for its exquisite range of hotels and resorts located across the globe.

Offering guests the height of luxury at great prices, the Hilton brand is one that has been associated with quality for decades now - and that shows absolutely no sign of changing.

The Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Syon Park is one of the most stunning hotels in the whole of England's capital. With each room featuring classical styles with modern facilities including gorgeous bathrooms finished in marble and limestone and ornate mouldings supporting intricate glass chandeliers sitting alongside top of the range flat screen televisions in recessed mounting brackets, heated floors and high speed wireless internet.

On the food side of things you certainly won't be disappointed with executive Chef Lee Streeton serving up some of the most delicious food to be had anywhere in London at the fantastic Capability restaurant. On top of this the hotel also boasts Brownies, which has an outdoor terrace and specialises in light snacks and treats for the whole family.

If this sounds like the type of place you'd like to work, then you're in luck. There are always jobs part time with Hilton at the Syon Park Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Whether you're interested in a position in one of the restaurants, as a receptionist, as a cleaner or any of the countless other jobs, you'll be sure to find something that's to your liking.

You can find out about all the latest vacancies by pointing your browser in the direction of hilton.co.uk and clicking on Careers for the full low down of opportunities available.

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