Allow us to help you find jobs part time in the evening in Kent

When looking for work these days it's absolutely essential that you know exactly what you're looking for, and have a good idea if the criteria that you would like any potential new positions to meet. It's also key to a productive job search that you have a strong understanding of the local job market to ensure that you don't go wasting any time chasing up lost causes.

When it comes to finding jobs part time in the evening in Kent at the moment you are much better off taking a look at the retail sector than any other. With a huge number of different supermarkets in the Kent area you should have no problem finding a part time evening job to keep you ticking over.

Due to the fact that the majority of these stores are open until 9pm, often even later or 24 hours, the idea of people applying for part time evening jobs is far from alien to them. In fact, most evening workers tend to be part time.

The most common job vacancies with these companies tends to be working as a cashier, shelf stacker or in the stock rooms. To be a successful cashier you'll need an outgoing personality and the ability to perform rough arithmetic in your head. To work in the stock room it is advisable that you are fit and strong, since you may be lifting heavy boxes. And finally, to work stacking shelves you'll need the ability to work well on your own initiative. Each of these jobs pay £5.93 per hour.

If you aren't sure where the major employment opportunities in the Kent area come from, we recommend you check out the following companies;

  • Tesco Express, Hythe Road, Town Centre, Ashford
  • Morrisons, Riverside Retail Park, Ten Perch Road, Canterbury
  • Asda, Sturry Road, Kent
  • Sainsburys, Simone Weil Avenue, Kingsnorth
  • Sainsburys, Kingsmead Road, Canterbury
  • Asda, Kimberly Way, Kent
  • Tesco Metro, Whitefriars Shopping Centre, 2 Gravel Walk, Canterbury


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