We can help you find jobs part time in the evening in Essex

There are many reasons why someone would be on the lookout for evening jobs. Perhaps they need to mind the kids while their partner is out working during the day, or maybe they've already got a full time job but need some additional income in order to bulk up their savings or to make ends meet. Whatever the reason, this guide should be able to help you find jobs part time in the evening in Essex.

For the most part, your best bet in terms of finding jobs part time in the evening in Essex will be to take a look at the retail sector. With so many different stores, corner shops, supermarkets and retail outlets to be found all across Essex, it's no surprise that the retail sector is the single biggest employer of part time staff in the are.

Most part time positions in the retail sector will pay somewhere in the region of £5.93 per hour. While this may not be the kind of money that you're used to, it will certainly go a ways to helping you financially, so it's certainly not to be sniffed at.

Since supermarkets tend to have longer opening hours than most other retail outlets, we suggest you take a look at them in order to ensure that you can get the hours you need in order to fulfil your financial obligations. It can be tough to know which supermarket to apply to, so we recommend you give them all a try. Simply call into your nearest ones and enquire whether or not there are vacancies. If you're not sure of the location of the nearest supermarkets to you, we have listed some of the most popular below;

  • Tesco, 47-53 Springfield Road, Chelmsford
  • Sainsburys, White Hart Lane, Town Centre, Chelmsford
  • Waitrose, 112-118 High Street, Billericay
  • Tesco, 86 Church Road, Tiptree, Colchester
  • Sainsburys, 1 Tofts Walk, Braintree
  • Morrisons, Braintreet Road, Witham

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