Hotel jobs in part time cleaning

If you're looking for jobs in part time cleaning, you may consider hotel cleaning. There is an abundance of work in this area. Just think of all the hotels in your city or town - each guest in the hotel needs their room cleaned each day.

Therefore hotel cleaning offers many employment opportunities. It requires little training, although some hotels will prefer experienced hotel cleaners than someone who has never worked in the industry before. Also, few language skills are necessary, so it's possible to get hotel cleaning work in a country where you don't speak the language.

That said, hotel cleaning work can involve some interaction with the hotel's clients, and it's necessary to always be friendly and greet clients should you meet them in the course of your work at the hotel. A friendly and professional attitude can go a long way in the hotel cleaning sector.

The salary for hotel cleaning jobs will depend on the type of hotel, your level of experience and the nature of your work. Remember that hotel cleaning work can be quite physically demanding. You may need to lift mattresses when making beds, wash windows and clean bathrooms. You will also need to be precise, and to follow instructions carefully. There's nothing worse than a sloppily cleaned hotel room; good hotel cleaners pay great attention to detail and take pride in their work.

As a hotel cleaner you may be able to negotiate flexible working hours with your employer to suit you. This will depend on your hotel and employment contract.


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