We look for jobs part time as a sales assistant in Chelmsford

If you' want to make some additional money with a part time job, then you've come to the right place. With this guide to finding jobs part time as sales assistant in Chelmsford, we hope to be able to give you everything you need to know about where to look online, as well as some helpful hints on making yourself stand out from the crowd.

Finding a part time job can be gruelling. Few people realise quite how difficult it can be compared to finding a full time job. Although it might sound like we've got that backwards, the fact is that it's much harder to find part time work due to the fact that there are much fewer part time jobs advertised than there are full time ones.

Often the best way to get yourself a part time job is through friends and family, or by setting a few days aside to call into a variety of stores in your are in order to speak with their managers about the possibility of getting sales assistant work.

Even this can be hit and miss though, so the best bet is to keep your eye on the local job websites serving the Chelmsford area. These are updated regularly, and you're much more likely to find part time jobs listed on local sites than on the bigger national ones.

Because it's only a part time job you're looking for, it's not necessary to have a huge amount of previous experience. Once you can show your prospective employer that you've got the personality traits necessary to be a success you'll have a great chance of being called for interview.

Don't pad your CV with unnecessary information. Just be honest and talk up your strongest abilities. If you're good with people that should definitely go in there, as should punctuality and ability to work under pressure. Where possible you should give examples of each of these traits using real world experience where you displayed them in action.

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