Plenty of jobs that are part time in admin in Reading Berkshire

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If you're looking for a little extra income but can't commit to full time work, you might be interested in jobs that are part time in admin in Reading Berkshire.

These jobs are perfect for students and parents who want to work but are restricted in the amount of hours they can do.

The qualifications required for part time admin jobs in Reading are quite low. Computer proficiency is important and being able to use computer programs like Microsoft Office and Excel is essential. Typing skills are important because of the demands of admin jobs. Excellent communication and organisational skills will also go a long way when you're looking for part time admin jobs.

Reading is an important commercial centre in Berkshire and there are loads of opportunities for people on the hunt for part time admin jobs. The medical, legal, government and education industries are constantly on the lookout for part time staff. Local newspapers are an excellent source of part time admin vacancies and should be checked diligently.

You will also find a huge number of vacancies for part time admin jobs in Reading advertised online. Job is Job, Job Site and Fish 4 are a few of the leading recruitment websites where you might find the perfect admin job.

The majority of recruitment websites are updated daily, so it's vital that you check in with them regularly and see what's available. If this represents a problem for you, you can register for email updates of any part time admin jobs in Reading as soon as they're advertised.

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