We check out student jobs part time 20 hours per week in London

Being a student is often tougher than many people give it credit for. Not only are you expected to attend countless hours worth of lectures during the week, but you also need to put in plenty of study time in order to keep your grades up, while also working in order to pay for your ever increasing tuition fees and living expenses.

While many people in the work force seem to forget just how much effort they needed to put in back in their university days, we certainly appreciate just how hard students throughout the United Kingdom work every single week.

In order to keep yourself going, it's vitally important these days that you find a flexible part time job that allows you to work whenever you have the time without affecting your performance in school. While there are many sites focussed on finding people full and part time jobs, there seems to be something of a dearth of opportunities out there for students. In order to give you a helping hand, we have searched out the very best place to find student jobs part time 20 hours per week in London and the surrounding area.

We recommend you check out studentjob.co.uk, one of the biggest student job portals in the whole of Europe. Following a successful launch in Holland, the site quickly gained a foot hold in the United Kingdom and now ranks as one of the best job sites for students in the whole country with more than 30,000 registered users.

Alternatively you can take a look at e4s.co.uk. This site was founded back in 2000 and has quickly become to the go to site for students throughout the country. It's got a wealth of information and job vacancies in a wide range of industries making it the ideal solution for students everywhere.

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