Jobs Overseas for UK Citizens: Considerations for Job Seekers

Available jobs overseas for UK citizens are wide ranging and varied. However individuals without a pre-existing work visa or experience with organizing work authorization documents should consider obtaining work or an internship through an organized programme that can assist with visa requirements and coordinate the necessary paperwork.

Hospitality Jobs in Australia or New Zealand

Current hospitality students or job seekers with a minimum of six months experience are eligible for a hospitality position through HTE Internships. The job will be arranged before you ever leave the UK, so there's no risk to you, and work is guaranteed for a minimum of six months. However, first time applicants need to be under the age of 31 to obtain a work visa for either country. Wages are determined by the employer but will be no less than $17.50 AUD per hour.

Au Pair Jobs Overseas for UK Citizens: Experience China

Get an authentic Chinese experience by working as a Chinese au pair. Applicants will need to be between 18-28 years old and have completed secondary school. Workers can stay in China from 3 months to a year, will be eligible for a visa invitation, and will live rent free at a Chinese home. In addition to childcare duties, au pairs should expect to assist the family learn English and do some light housework. In exchange, workers will receive upwards of approximately £150 a month as "pocket money".

Teach English as a Foreign Language

Numerous jobs exist overseas for UK citizens who can teach English as a foreign language. With Intrax's "Teach Abroad" program, UK citizens can earn their TEFL certification while working in Chile, South Korea or Taiwan to name just a few, and visa support is provided by the company. Applicants need only be a citizen of an English speaking country to be eligible.



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