Jobs as an Order Picker in Manchester

Jobs for an order picker in Manchester, or other warehouse operatives jobs, are mainly found in the industrial development areas of the city centre or large factories within Greater Manchester. Historical, Manchester was considered a main industrial city, with hundreds of factories along its canals and quays. Since the recline of the industrial revolution Manchester was left with a huge standing factories with no occupants, which contributed to the development of "Enterprise Zones" and corporations moving their warehousing operations to empty factories in Manchester.

Jobs for an order picker in Manchester can involve a variety of different tasks, but the main job responsibilities are:

  • Counting stock from reference (i.e., customer orders) and picking from stock.
  • Packaging stock for delivery.
  • Regularly performing stock check duties.
  • Working together in a team on a production line or on certain orders.
  • Ensuring all stock is quality checked and fit for use.
  • Processing return orders or returning stock into the warehouse.

The actual salary for jobs as an order picker in Manchester vary depending on the type of employment contract you receive and the company you work for. The average wage for warehouse jobs/picker packer jobs in Manchester is around £6.75 per hour. However, if you take on extra responsibilities, such as team leading duties or specialising in stock counts, you could receive a higher salary.

The top employers for jobs as an order picker in Manchester are:


Argos (All stores across Manchester)

Henleys Clothing, WW1 Rammon House, 1 Portugal Street East, Manchester, M1 2WX

Whisper Smith, 245, Briscoe Lane, Manchester, M40 2ST. Tel: 0161 205 8895

Unique Clothing (Manchester), 50, Broughton St, Manchester, M8 8NN. Tel: 0161 834 1138

TK Components, Unit 3, Cranberry Drive, Denton, M34 3UL. Tel: 0161 336 3636

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