We take a look for jobs opportunities for qualified social workers in Devon

Despite the fact that social workers do some absolutely tremendous work all across the United Kingdom on a daily basis, helping some of the most vulnerable members of our society through their problems, they still remain some of the most under appreciated workers in the country.

With the economy the way it is right now, Britain's social workers have been working harder than ever to ensure the well being of our citizens with far less resources than they deserve to have at their disposal. Fortunately, now that things finally look like they're on the up again, things are starting to change and we're seeing these incredibly important workers getting the respect and support they so greatly deserve once again.

This means that there are an increasing number of jobs opportunities for qualified social workers in Devon and beyond opening up on a week by week basis. As we're sure those of you who work in the industry are aware, many companies and government bodies had an embargo on hiring new staff during the worst points of the last few years, so it's a relief to finally see that there is now a way into the industry once again.

As the biggest employer of social workers in the Devon area, the British Government are still a little behind some other organisations in getting the ball rolling on the hiring front again, however you can find vacancies as and when they become available at devon.gov.uk.

As a qualified social worker you can expect to be able to earn in the region of £20-30 per hour, depending on the type of work you are qualified in, and how much demand there is for you in the Devon area at any particular time. Social workers specialising in child and family support are the most in the demand right now, and you can find a number of great non-government job vacancies listed at communitycare.co.uk.

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