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Saturday jobs are an excellent way for young people in school, college or university to make a few extra pounds for their social lives or to support their studies. There are many places to look for jobs on Saturdays in Edinburgh.

Finding Saturday jobs can be very time consuming and you should not expect to simply walk into a job. A good way to find Saturday work is to simply ask your family and friends to keep an ear out for available positions. Perhaps you know somebody who owns a shop or works in a business where they could put a good word in about you.

If not, then you should take a walk through town with a bunch of CVs and hand them into various businesses and shops in the area. Some of the places you are most likely to find work include:

  • Retail - Many shops are busier on a Saturday than any other day. For this reason, you may find that they require a few extra pairs of hands to help out.
  • Bars and restaurants - Likewise, most bars and restaurants are busier on Saturdays than any other day. Try your luck by calling in with a CV and ask to speak to the manager
  • Charities - Many charity workers can be seen in Edinburgh city centre every Saturday selling scratch cards or looking for donations in other ways. If you are good with people, these types of positions pay very high commission rates

You could also try a couple of recruitment websites for jobs on Saturdays in Edinburgh. Some of the following are worth looking at:

  • Jobisjob.co.uk
  • Gumtree.com
  • Joprapido.co.uk

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