Jobs on NHS Direct in Bradford

Jobs in the NHS Direct, Bradford, still require advisors to have relevant experience in healthcare even though the job is office based. The NHS Direct is a service that offers advice to the public on health matters from qualified nurses over the phone and normally operates outside normal opening hours to allow people to call when they can't get an appointment with their doctor.

Operators (mainly nurses) who work for the NHS helpline use an online computer base to assess the person's health briefly and provide accurate advice and guidance on the appropriate treatment required or self treatment. However, nurses must also use their own skills and knowledge and provide greater depth than the computer base's analysis of a patient's symptoms.

Health advisors can also be employed in the NHS Direct, who provide advice on general NHS services (i.e., self help groups, charities, common health conditions). Generally, a health advisor is the first person a patient talks to on the phone and if the health issue isn't common the advisor will transfer to call to the nurse.

For both positions applicants for jobs in the NHS Direct Bradford must:

  • Attained appropriate competencies.
  • Have a track record in the healthcare sector and relevant experience providing advice to patients.
  • Ideally have worked within the NHS before.
  • Be available for flexible hours of work and ideally be available outside office hours.
  • Basic computers skills and knowledge of Windows operating systems.

Retired nurses or nurses who can no longer work due to ill health are encouraged to join the NHS Direct service. However, nurses who apply must:

  • Have a period of post registration experience to become a nurse advisor.
  • Hold some form of expertise in the nursing sector; holding a qualification in A&E is desirable but not essential.
  • Have experience in assessing patients with undiagnosed and undifferentiated problems.

You can apply for jobs for the NHS Direct in Bradford at: http://www.jobs.nhs.uk/.

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