Jobs at the 2012 London Olympics for Security Professionals

Jobs at the 2012 London Olympics, security included, are highly sought after. Applications are being accepted right now for numerous vacancies, and jobseekers can expect tough competition for all jobs at the Olympics. Security will be a prime focus of the games, and experienced security professionals can find interesting assignments for those with the relevant experience.

But don't waste time! Jobs at the Olympics - security maybe even more so, due to strict background requirements - are filling up fast. Apply now for a chance to be part of history and work at this premier event.

Below is a small sampling of the available vacancies that can be found right now with a simple internet search of keywords such as jobs, Olympics, security.

Security Operations Manager

Reporting to the head of security, this position requires an experienced security manager to work closely in collaboration with law enforcement agencies.

Planning the security operations of the venue, and working to develop the security and policing plan, this position will work specifically on time operating principles with law enforcement, providing input to the venue design and transport planning, and develop a security roadmap for the games. This post will represent the London 2012 security team to negotiate MOUs with security partners and manage the Olympics security budget.

The successful candidate will be experienced in managing security for large, multi-sport environments, will have knowledge of the security requirements necessary for the 2012 Olympics. Past experience of international sport security -- particularly the Olympics -- is an advantage. Compensation is approximately £46,000 per year.

Candidates should apply by sending a CV to recruitment@london2012.com and quoting reference SOM01 before the end of May 2011.

Various Line-Level Security Positions

Paying approximately £8 per hour, security positions are available as search and screen officers, and general patrol and response officers. Apply by sending your CV to jay.dayal@jobcentreplus.gsi.gov.uk

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