One of today’s most lucrative jobs: Being an oil broker


On paper, jobs like an oil broker are not particularly difficult or complex to warrant such relatively high salaries (They start at around £30,000 to as high as £100,000+ with commissions, bonuses and other perks.)

In a nutshell, the major consideration is to basically broker a successful deal between the oil seller and the oil buyer. However, the job actually entails more work than meets the eye.

Job requirements

A successful deal carries with it a careful set up of pre-negotiation work like scouting for clients who either want to sell oil (and oil products) or those intending to buy. Alongside such activity, there is also the intricate business of tracking, analysing and understanding the various movements and behaviours in the market.

An oil broker’s marketing savvy is finally measured by his ability to sift the data from the many business sources and market reports. These would be critical in making crucial decisions for their clients or parent companies.

Working conditions

With such high-end business deals, an oil broker would do well if he is equipped with a business educational background or an engineering degree. These would be useful in preparing him with the proper analytical skills that should be fast and fairly accurate.

This vital quality would be useful, given the usual conditions he is in. The working atmosphere for jobs like an oil broker is a heady mix of high pressure and stresses (huge transactions, deadlines, difficult clients, etc). Thankfully the perks of the business (travels, meeting industry movers and shakers, top notch vacations) balance things out.


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