Landing one of the many jobs in the Northwest UK

Looking for jobs in the Northwest UK offers many opportunities for the job hunter. The Northwest covers a large area, and there is pretty much every type of job being offered. Before beginning your search, you should get out your CV and check that it is up to date. There are several websites that can help you update your resume so that it will draw the attention of a prospective employer.

Types of Jobs Available

The types of jobs available range from cleaners to security officers and everything else in between. There are jobs for waiters, cooks, teachers, coaches, IT security, IT programming, secretaries, data entry clerks, all sorts of customer service positions, maintenance engineers, drivers, merchandisers, fund-raising, personal assistants, debt collectors, nurses and on and on. There are part-time jobs, full time, temporary and permanent jobs.

Where to Look

Checking out the local newspapers is always a good place to start a job search. However, the number of jobs is probably going to be fairly limited as not many employers use the newspaper anymore. The easiest way to find new employment is through the internet. Doing a job search on the internet will furnish a list of possibilities. Most of the listings will be held by recruitment agencies and these are good places to file your CV. Recruitment agencies have access to numerous job openings of all types.

When doing your search you can try northwestjob.co.uk, northwest.jobjourney.co.uk and totaljobs.com.

What Kind of Salary to Expect

Of course, this is going to depend on the sort of job you are qualified and hired for. Here are a few however, to give you an idea.

  • Sports/dance coach: £12.50 per hour
  • Customer Account Manager: £16,000 – £18,000K/year
  • Customer Service Team Manager: £26,000 – £29,000K/year
  • Maintenance Engineer: £27,000 – £30,000K/year
  • Information Security Officer: £40,000 – £45,000K/year
  • Waiter/Waitress: £11,700 – £16,900K/year
  • Secretary: £20,000K/year

There are many different types of jobs, many different salaries, and a lot of territory covered. When looking at jobs in the Northwest UK, you are bound to find one that you will want to fill.


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