Discover the best places to find jobs in Northern Ireland

Despite a recession-hit economy, forecasts suggest that there will be some growth in sectors including manufacturing, agriculture, personal services, transport and hospitality. Services account for nearly 80% of employment and the public sector employs almost 30% of the workforce. Jobs in Northern Ireland are available across a broad range of businesses and it is up to jobseekers to use every resource available to get them.

The largest industrial employer in Northern Ireland is Bombadier Aerospace, with over 5,000 employees in the Belfast area. Other major manufacturers include Emerson Electric, Seagate, Nortel, DuPont and Harland and Wolff.

Agriculture is a major contributor to the economy with more than £1 billion per year. Almost 60,000 people are employed in the sector. Approximately 80% of land in the province is under cultivation for grazing, crops, forestry and fruit.

Jobsites such as nijobs.com and 4ni.co.uk advertise personal services and public sector jobs as they arise. Candidates can search jobs by type from hairdressing to police jobs and apply online. Council websites also advertise vacancies from cleaners to forest wardens.

The hospitality industry is expected to provide more jobs in the future. Tourism is considered likely to increase, with the cities of Belfast, Derry and Armagh becoming top tourist destinations.

Recruitment agencies can help people find jobs in Northern Ireland. The following is a list of some of the more reputable:

  1. Brightwater Recruitment Specialists; 51/53 Adelaide Street, Belfast. Tel: (028) 903 25325.
  2. Ashton Recruitment; 16 Howard Street, Belfast. Tel: (028) 904 36543.
  3. Reed Recruitment; 2 Castle Street, Derry. Tel: (028) 713 06010.


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