Interested in jobs at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee?

If you have always aspired to work in the healthcare industry in some way, then there are a number of different avenues you could take. You don't necessarily need to work your way through expensive medical school and become a doctor or surgeon just to be able to find jobs at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee, although that certainly wouldn't be a bad approach to take, but there are plenty of other opportunities available should you have your heart set on that particular hospital.

Ninewells Hospital is located just outside the western section of Dundee, with the main entrance located on Ninewells Avenue between Perth Road and Glamis Road. It's not the biggest hospital in the country by a long shot, but it does have an excellent reputation for proving a high level of care for its patients.

As we mentioned, you don't necessarily need to go to all the trouble of going through an expensive medical course in order to get yourself a job at Ninewells, thanks to a number of amenities in the area you'll have plenty of chances to work there in other ways.

For example, there is a cafe located in the main concourse area serving a wide variety of meals and refreshments. This represents a great employment opportunity for anyone with prior experience in the service industry. There are also a number of shops on concourse Level 7 such as a newsagent, a general store, a shoe shop, a clothes shop, a hairdresser and an opticians. Once again these provide a wide range of employment opportunities.

For more information about these opportunities, you can contact the hospital directly at 01382 660111.

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