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The NHS is the largest European employer, providing potential job seekers with a wide range of stimulating and challenging career opportunities. With over 300 different careers to choose from at the NHS there is sure to be something to meet your skills, interests and qualifications. The NHS currently has around 6,000 new vacancies throughout England and Wales. So, if you are living in  Kent and want to become part of the enthusiastic and talented NHS team, then check out some of these great new jobs with the NHS in Kent:

Healthcare Assistant – NHS Maidstone - Nurse Plus are a recruitment agency that are currently looking for healthcare assistants to work in NHS hospitals in Maidstone. The successful candidate will be responsible for providing exceptional levels of support and working closely with nurses and ward managers. To be considered for this role applicants must have experience in a clinical setting and have impeccable communication skills. To apply for this position please contact Nurse Plus now!

Registered Nurse– NHS Maidstone - Nurse Plus are also recruiting registered nurses to work in NHS hospitals in Maidstone. Successful candidates will have relevant experience, exceptional communication and observational skills and will be able to provide proof of immunisations. Benefits will include fantastic rates of pay, free training updates and paid holidays. To apply for this position please contact Nurse Plus now!

HR Advisor – NHS Dartford - Angel Human Resources are currently recruiting an HR advisor for their NHS client in Dartford, Kent. The successful candidate will have a minimum of two years experience within the NHS and will be well versed in casework, core element and change management. This position is available on a three to six month contract. If you would like to apply for this position please contact Angel Human Resources now! 

These are just some of the NHS jobs that are available in Kent right now. So if you want to embark on a career in the NHS then check out what other positions are available now! Good luck!

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