Searching for a job in Newport?

So where is the best place to find loads of exciting new jobs available in Newport in Wales? The answer is on localrecruit.co.uk. This website will search all the major recruitment websites available in the UK and give you the results you are looking for!

Newport is a small, quiet little city just 12 miles east of Cardiff so there are always plenty of employment opportunities available. Not everybody is in a position to commute to nearby Cardiff so for those of you who are looking for the hottest Newport jobs, keep reading on!

Localrecruit.co.uk has loads of different jobs being updated on a daily basis but some of the most recent Newport vacancies are:

  • Insurance Advisor from Monster - £17,000 per year
  • Part qualified Actuary by Total Jobs - £50,000 + benefits
  • Operations Trainers by Personal Jobs - £25,000
  • Business Analyst by Planet recruit - £30,000 + benefits
  • Shop assistant at leading fashion shop - £5.50 per hour
  • Leisure Centre Assistant / Gym instructor - £16,000
  • Telesales advisor by Hays Recruitment - Up to £25,000 + commission
  • Engineering Specialist for university lectures - £28 per hour

As you can see there is a large range of different positions in every sector imaginable. When you log onto localrecruit.co.uk you need to search under location and then scroll down until you find "Newport". This will help to ensure that you don't accidently browse through jobs in different areas. To apply for any of these positions or to look through hundreds more jobs, please visit localrecruit.co.uk


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